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Our Forex and CFD signal service is the definitive guide on how to navigate the CFD and Forex markets no matter how novice you are to the trading world. By becoming a member you’ll not only gain access to an in-depth amount of knowledge about the complexities of CFD and Forex trading, but also receive detailed information and updates on changes in the CFD and Forex markets.



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This signal service is intended to educate you about the nature of the modern Forex and CFD markets. This will be achieved through the imparting of expert information delivered to you by expert trades with a strong financial education. Through accepting our signal service, you will become an effective trader in your own right which will allow you to experience high returns on your investment in the forex and CFD markets.
The signal service is delivered by subject experts who understand the Forex and CFD markets extremely thoroughly. This expertise ensures that you receive the very highest quality of financial information which will ensure that you have the best trading career.

The signal service will also empower you with practical guidance in Forex and CFD through providing real time data and information to you so that you can understand the complexities of these two markets organically and intuitively.
You will receive the most relevant and up-to-date information with regular updates that address all of the major changes occurring in the Forex and CFD markets.
We draft our reports in such a manner that the complex vocabulary of modern finance will be distilled to an easily comprehendible format that you will understand and be able to apply immediately.
By the conclusion of this signal service, you will not simply be an individual who knows a few things about the Forex and CFD markets, you will in fact be an expert trader in your own right who will have a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of these markets.

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Here you will find the most common asked questions about our Forex & CFD Signals Service.

Forex trading refers to the trading of national currencies in the interest of generating a profit. It involves the sale and trade of national currencies in the same way that any commodity is traded.

CFD (Contract for Difference) Trading involves an investor receiving the difference in value between an asset with a trader. The difference between the value of the asset during the duration of the contract is what allows an investor to receive profits.

While both of these types of trading have very straightforward explanation, there are is a lot of information and expertise that you need before you can realistically start trading. Both types of trading are also extremely nuanced and required a lot of information and training before you’re able to commit to either one of them with any realistic expectation of earning a profit.

No, but it minimizes market risk by as much as possible so your returns will always be greater with a signal service, and your losses will be minimal.

CFD and Forex Trading offer you the opportunity to apply your intelligence and capability to earn an additional source of income in order to empower yourself financially.

Yes, it is possible if you invest wisely which can be most effectively achieved through using the services of a great signal service like S4T.

Yes, it is entirely legal to trade in the forex market, so there are no legal problems associated with investing in the forex market.