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Our main focus is on analyzing the market for the perfect entry. Just as important as the entry is the trade management and risk and money management. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced trader, S4T has you covered!

23+ Years Experience

Our team of professional Wall Street experienced traders have helped more than 12,000 traders become profitable.

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While minimizing the risk and focusing the attention to the potential of a trade we have managed to reach 9 Million+ in profits in just 2020!

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Get Trusted Trading Signals. Profit from the expertise of professional traders. Every month we send out over 25,356 pips in signals. The signals are sent mostly during the London and NYC session, the best times for trading.

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Professional Trading Coach

The financial market can be a very daunting and scary place for many new investors, who just aren’t sure where they should invest their or what kind of return, they should expect on their investment. That’s quite understandable, but we believe that the secretive nature of the financial market should not stop you from having a career in it. Thus, we provide to you a trading coach so that you can develop the skills and knowledge needed to be a great trader in your own right.

Private 1 on 1 Coaching
One Time Payment
Gain higher returns

Gain direct access to the best possible financial knowledge and guidance.

algo trading
Continuously Updated

Our algorithmic software has been designed by the most competent programmers and trading professionals.

Automated Trading Software

One of the areas where automation is especially useful, and has proven to have been extremely effective, is the use of algorithmic software for your trading needs.  We also realize the importance of using algorithmic software for this purpose, and we provide this service ourselves so that you, either as an individual or a company, make the best use of our algorithmic software solutions. S4T provides you with the algorithmic software that you need for devising your financial investment strategy. We provide you the most comprehensive and capable algorithmic software so that you can attain the financial strategy that you need in order to earn and to be successful.

Over 10+ Algo Software
Customized to your needs

Become your best with the world’s best.

We have been widely recognized as one of the leading Signals & Coaching organizations since 2010.
Professional Traders

Independent traders with 23+ years of experience who share a commitment to achieving excellence in their respective lines of work.


Trading solutions across multiple asset classes and sophisticated pre- and post-trade signals for both the buy side and sell side.

Guaranteed Results​

Our investment team seeks to understand the depth of the markets and turn that understanding into a high quality Trading Signal.

Loyalty Program

We offer a permanent cumulative discount of up to 40% for our regular customers. The prices get best for our loyal ones!

Committed To Trading Excellence

Helping the average trader turn into a professional.

Want to join a community filled with Investors and Traders on the same path as you? Welcome to the official VIP Discord group for followers and students of S4T.

Anybody can join this group at any Age.

If you are interested in Trading, Investing, Building Wealth, and achieving financial independence, S4T is good choice’ for you and your friends.

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Positive Verified Reviews. Rated Excellent.
Their signals are almost 80%-90% accurate, one of their team members also helped me in 1on1 conversation understand things more clearly about the market, im still learning but my account is finally starting to grow 😀
Daneil S.
I've been with S4T for five years now, and im very satisfied with the low Prices, rapid Signals. Client support has always been available to help. Even so, good work is still getting done - Scalp and Day Trade Signals are working now for the 8 day straight.
Dora P.
Everything is perfect for my needs and has almost everything I want. Their Trading Signals are very professional and easily learned even if you are a beginner, I personally use their S4T Signals for my Trading. 10/10
Emu K.
Now we are talking !!! This is the ultimate Signals that you can find in the market, nothing less. Even professionals use them for their normal operations. Excellent low cost Trading Signals, with many features.
Endang E.
Best place for advanced retail traders. Lots of Signals. Reasonable and transparent costs. Really impressed. I have always been treated correctly and with good manners.
Adam O.

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